You NEED to have this recipe for all your Holiday Parties!

You NEED to have this recipe for all your Holiday Parties!

hi everyone welcome to hedgehog hollow
today we have something a little bit different for you and I’m going to be
sharing in the lead-up to Christmas and my favorite British recipes I make for
our Christmas Eve Eve party so you can really feel like you’re there when you
see all the prep going on in a couple of weeks and one of the favorite things I
always make a sausage rolls now they are not what an American would call a
sausage rolls we had this discussion in the office this morning so I’m going to
show you how to make the perfect British sausage roll and they are super simple
too which is awesome because you can make tons for parties and they taste
great so let’s get started the first thing you’re gonna want is some savory
sausage so I like this Bob Evans one you can use any really of the breakfast kind
of sausage meats that come like this the sage and onion one works really nicely
too so whatever your favorite flavor is or you could use a meat substitute too
depending on your preference and these are not my craft tools before anybody
asks these are special ones we have just in the kitchen but I love them so much
that I have them everywhere in the house so I’m just cutting this open and then
you want to open this up like this you see and my top tip for emptying these
out is to start pinching here at this base and then as you turn you can see
your sausage is going to come out and it comes out super simple I’m going to put
that straight into my KitchenAid you can mix this by hand too it’s just the
KitchenAid is gonna make this much much easier for us okay next thing we’re
gonna need some onion some bread crumbs and some powdered mustard now Colman’s
mustard is our family favorite it’s a British tradition and this always gives
me the best flavor so if you can Frank hormones it might be in with the spices
or it might be in like the foods from rest of the world so we often find it in
the British section and that you can go and find your commons mustard so for the
mustard I’m going to use round about half a teaspoon of mustard now I tend
not to cook by measurements so I’m trying to work these out slightly but
round about quarter of a teaspoon and you’ll get a feeling for whether the
next time you want a bit more machinist in it or whether you want a
little bit less we’re also going to add some extra breadcrumbs to give it some
texture and I like to add this is the half a cup so I kind of start halfway
which I think is the quarter cup inside here and as yet the quarter cup so
that’s roughly what we’re going to put in per one tube of sausage and I like
using the larger ones and just leveling them off I find that that’s much easier
and these are just regular print plain bread crumbs nothing special about those
and then we’re also going to add some extra onion just because it gives it a
really nice flavor and texture so here I’ve diced a whole onion you
know trying to leave that much we have the frozen so I’m going to do just under
half a cup roughly again I always cook my eye so it’s hard for me when I’m
doing recipes because people would say to me so how much of this do you put in
I’m like oh just a pinch of this and I throw of that maybe you cook the same
way now I’m going to wipe my Kitchen Aid up and I have my like dough that the
bits are in here rather than like the whipping piece and we’re going to turn and I’m going to turn this on we just
let that mix first I can you want it to be mixed nice and thoroughly so you can
mix by hand if you don’t have a Kitchen Aid this just makes it much much easier after the Tibet now if you find your mixtures a little
bit dry you can add a little bit of milk or water to just kind of help bind it
together I have some milk here I’m just gonna add it because you still want it to be that
nice sticky sausage texture and you can see I’m just pouring a
little bit in and then just looking how it kind of binds together now everything
has bound together really nicely I’ll show you what it looks like so you know
the texture that you are aiming for let’s take off so you can see this is
the kind of texture that you’re going for it’s that sticky sausage texture so
everything’s bound together nicely and we’re just gonna leave it in our bowl
while we prep our pastry but really that’s the hardest part is doing that so
you’ve done that the worst bit okay so now we’re gonna grab some puff pastry
now you could make this by hand but puff pastry is a real pain to make so the
pre-made pastries you get in the grocery store are perfect that is what I use
every single year you can keep them in the freezer till you’re ready to use
them and if they get a little bit too sticky if they’re defrosted too much and
put them in the fridge the night before if you need to put them back in the
freezer for five minutes and then use it and you’ll find that it’s this nice
consistency so it should be fairly loose but not sticky because what we’re going
to want to do in a minute is fold it in this direction okay now if I want to
make mini sausage rolls I can kind of get two out of this but for this one I’m
just going to do one fold in the middle so all you have to do once you’ve
unrolled your pastry is take some sausage and you’re going to position it
maybe a couple of inches down you see I’ve got a couple of inches up here we
want to make sure it goes all the way out to the end
so one Shuba pastry one a tube of sausage rather does round about one pack
of pastry and I like to pack mine full of meat to them I’m not stingy on the
meat side so we need to wrap around about half of my mixture here to do one
and we’ll move this to the side you’ll get other white out
so again just unfold if it cracks too much paint a little bit of milk along
here and it’ll stop the cracking and I’m just going to kind of again make myself
a sausage like this and if you’ve got any meat left over you
can just cook it like sausage just bake it in the oven and in like a meatloaf
tray or a loaf pan something like that I’m gonna try and use as much as – as I
can add some in here so the team get to try out British sausage rolls today and
that’s really it so the next thing we’re gonna take is we’re gonna bring our milk
back here with a pastry brush and you want to brush milk along here just like
this and that’s going to seal your pastry together very the same on this
one and I’m quite generous because I want a nice seal and this is what’s
gonna make your pastry sticky so I’ll fold these over just like this so you
can see that roll shape coming together and we’re going to take some of that
excess off anyway we just want to make sure we have that and you can see how
I’m just popping my hands in here to make sure I have a really nice crease
like that and then the next thing you want to do is take a fork and up to that
crease take your fork and press it in and then you see how I’ve got one prong
of my fork left I take that and that last prong goes back in and that gives
me that really nice serrated edge which is gonna give you a really nice finish
to your sausage roll so super super easy all the way along and that also makes
sure everything seals together nicely same on this one try not to knock your
milk over so if you find your first you can then just start pressing again all the way along and then we’re
just going to neaten up this edge so I have a knife here just a regular kind of
kitchen knife you do want a little bit of pastry because it tastes really nice
and this is not a sweet pastry it can be sweet or savory depending on what you
add to it so you don’t have to worry about that this side now to make them
bake nice and evenly nice and quickly we’re going to cut them up into
bite-size portions so around about an inch to an inch and a half for each
sausage roll you see like this and then we’re going to take our knife and we’re
going to put some air holes in the top that just gives you some nice steam
holes and I already have a pan here ready to go and I’m gonna pre spray this
with some pan because I don’t want them to stick a preheated my oven to 400
degrees so let’s cut these oh I only have a mini oven down here but I’m gonna
pop the rest in my oven upstairs we’ll have a few down here for you to see and
then we’re going to cook them for around about half an hour to 45 minutes some
ovens I have a convection oven upstairs it will do it in around about 25 minutes
so you’ll know your oven so convection ovens are going to cook much quicker
than just a regular oven and before we put it in we’re also going to just brush
it with milk you could do an egg mixture too but that’s just more added
complication and milk will still give you that nice glossy finish to it too so
we’re just gonna brush our milk on and now we’re gonna pop them in the oven to
cook so as I say 25 minutes to half an hour for a convection oven half an hour
to 45 minutes for a regular oven and then I’m going to come back show you my
favorite sauces to dip it in and we’re gonna get the team to try them out so
let’s go so after about 25-30 minutes your
timeout will go off too and we can grab them out the other so be warned they’re
gonna be super hot when they first come out but they’re gonna look something
like this so you can see how much they puff up the little air holes will start
to have closed up and you’ll have some really nice crispy ends on them but I’m
gonna grab one off of here and I’m gonna move these to the side and we’re gonna
try one out so my favorite way to eat a sausage roll is with ketchup and you can
pep up your ketchup with all sorts different things including some of that
mustard powder I have a great recipe for pepped up ketchup which was safe for
another time but you can try that out or some of the Colin’s mustard that
comes pre-done like a liquid mustard this is Greg’s absolute favorite so you
can do either whatever your favorite is try out both maybe try a little bit of
each so I’m gonna cut off some of my sausage roll here I love the pastry part
I have a little bit of sausage and of course that pastry dip it in your
ketchup super hot but so so good thank you so much for joining me I hope you
enjoyed our first British recipe you want to be hit that subscribe button
subscribe to our new recipe playlist as well go check out the blog post for all
the ingredients there’ll be a recipe there that you can download and you can
pin to your Pinterest boards as well so go check all those things out and I’ll
see you again tomorrow for something really really fun I can’t wait to show
you with you so happy crafting happy baking and cooking and I’ll see you
again tomorrow bye

8 thoughts on “You NEED to have this recipe for all your Holiday Parties!

  1. When I was in England 8 years ago, my favorite food was breakfast pasties, they were so good, I want to go back just to have more lol

  2. Ok so I’m British so these are the sausage rolls I am use to but now I’m curious as to what an American sausage roll looks like? X

  3. I love breakfast anything! And breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out, also.
    Happy American Thanksgiving! I am thankful for you and your channel.

  4. Spent time in Cornwall not long ago absorbing the local traditions and flavor, totally loved it! Thank you for doing this and please do more!!

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