You want me to eat WHAT?  Placenta eating has benefits….

You want me to eat WHAT? Placenta eating has benefits….

Hi, everybody. It’s Katie. Today, I want
to talk to you about something that’s a little controversial, and that is
consuming your placenta. That’s right. I’m talking about consuming that big,
bloody, blobby thing that you have to have after your baby comes out. When they told
me there was something else coming, I was like, “What? Really?” And out it
came. But, anyway, yeah. So we’re going to talk about that today. Before we go any
further, I, obviously, am going to give you a little disclaimer, and that is, I’m
not a doctor. And if I was, I would probably be like, “Don’t eat that. That’s
gross. There’s no medical studies. Blah, blah, blah.” Anyway, I’m not a
doctor and I kind of err a little bit more towards the “crunchy” side of things. And
so when I first heard about this, it was in preparation for my first
daughter being born, and I saw midwives for her. And they asked if I was
interested in it, and I was like, “You want me to do what?” So I went home and
read about it and here is what I found. These are the claims that placenta
and eating your placenta could potentially do for you. One was to help
with mood swings, help with postpartum depression, help with milk supply.
Hear my little baby back there. So, these were all things, especially
the postpartum depression, and energy levels, it could help with your
energy levels. Those were some of the things that I’m like, “Okay, this sounds
pretty good because I don’t know what I’m getting myself into, but I’m betting I’m
going to be tired.” So, I had the midwives work with a lady, and I had my placenta
encapsulated. There’s a couple of different ways that you can consume your
placenta, and one of the least disgusting ways…actually I shouldn’t say that.
Whatever you choose, different strokes for different folks. But for me, the least
weird way that I could think of was to have my placenta encapsulated. So,
they basically take your placenta, they dehydrate it, pulverize it down into
a fine powder, put it into the little gel pill things, and you take them. So, I
did that with my first daughter, and I also did it with my second daughter.
Now with my first daughter, unfortunately, there were some other things at play,
and I didn’t take the placenta pills as long as I wished that I had. But
I had some other medical things happening, and so I stopped taking them. And I’m kind
of bummed because I’d like to be able to say, you know, that I had this great
experience. So, for my second one, I decided to do the same thing, but I also
decided to do something in addition to that. So, I have a few left. These are my
encapsulated placenta pills. And then I also decided to do a tincture.
This right here, I haven’t tried it yet, this is for later. But basically,
it’s a strip of the placenta chopped up and it’s steeped in a
high-grade vodka. And so, it’s supposed to do the same thing that the pills do, it’s
just a different, different way to take it, I guess. So, I have been taking the
placenta pills, and one thing that I have noticed, like really noticed, is what
it does for my milk supply. Now, I’ve done…in a past video, I
talked about my overactive letdown and so, I was thinking, “Okay, do I really need to
take this if I have overactive let down? Do I need help with this?” But I did some
research and I actually found an article by a woman who was fearing the same thing.
And she took it, and it actually kind of helped calm her overactive letdown. So, I
thought, “Okay, well, let’s see how this goes.” And so I’ve continued to take it,
and there was a period where I dropped off as I was researching because I was afraid
that I was just going to firehose my kid to death. So I stopped for a little while until I
found that article. Then I started back up, and I noticed, actually, awesomely
enough, I noticed that my letdown was not quite as abrupt or “fire-hose-ish.” There’s
that pins-and-needles feeling when you get your letdown, and it wasn’t nearly as
intense. And so, I’ve been kind of just excited about the fact that that’s
helped. And I’m sure my kiddo is probably happy about that too, as well. Anyway,
if you are considering it, I would encourage you to do research on
it because I’m not…she’s getting tired of her swing. I would encourage you
to do the research because it’s probably not for everybody. And I
know that the medical community….. there’s definitely opinions about it
by the medical community. But if you’re interested in it,
give it a try and do some research, look up some websites. So, that’s it.
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talk to you later. Goodbye.

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