“Zero Calorie” Food Products May Actually Be PACKED With Calories

“Zero Calorie” Food Products May Actually Be PACKED With Calories

You know there’s a lot of food products, cooking
products, all kinds of things out there that say that they’re low calorie, zero calorie,
zero fat, whatever it is. They want you to know that their product is
completely healthy, or so it seems. When you actually look at the label, look
at the tiny little serving size they get you, it’s more apparent that they’re lying about
the actual serving or usage size, as compared to the calorie content of the product as a
whole. That’s the problem we’re seeing right now
with the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter cooking spray, that claims to be zero calorie, yet
there manages to be almost 1200 calories per bottle of this stuff. Joining me now to talk about this is Scott
Hardy from Top Class Actions. Scott, this seems to be another one of those
stories where corporations can make these claims which technically are true, but also
somehow technically not true. There are calories in this stuff yet because
they say the serving size is one short spray, they get to say there’s no calories. How does that even work? I mean this is just so ridiculous sounding. Yeah, these kind of class actions are interesting
because we’re holding manufacturers accountable for what they’re putting out there. Because as you said, this is supposedly a
zero calorie spray. I think, is it like water? How is there flavor in there? And then you look at the bottle and you see
there’s almost 1200 calories, there’s 124 grams of fat in every bottle. That’s not zero calorie, that’s not healthy. And when you think about the test that they
use where they say, “All right, well a zero calorie spray is less than half a second.” I don’t know about you, but if I’m using this
product or something similar, there’s no way that I can go ahead and just do a half second
spritz on my food and have any sort of flavor, if it’s even possible. When they do these tests, they’re doing it
in lab environments, they’re actually controlling the sprays with robots. They’re using an actual scientist to control
it because they have to be so doggone accurate to get that “zero calorie” number, it’s crazy. Part of the draw is people walk past it in
a grocery store, they see the commercials, and it says zero calories. And if you’re trying to be more health conscience,
trying to eat a little bit more healthy, you’re absolutely going to grab the zero calorie
product as opposed to the product that does not say that. But again, what they’re not telling you is
yes, if you barely touch the nozzle on this thing to spray it on your food, you won’t
get any calories from it, even though you do, but it’s only a fraction of a fraction
of a fraction at that point. The real usage size is what people need to
be focused on. Are you gonna hold that nozzle down for half
of a second? Or are you gonna do what a normal person does
and make sure that everything gets sprayed. You’re talking two, three seconds possibly,
in which case again that entire bottle has close to 1200 calories in it. They have to go somewhere and they’re going
on your food. Yes exactly, 124 grams of fat and no one in
their right mind who is actually using this product is just going to sit there and put
a little spritz on their food. They’re gonna use it liberally because they’re
going off the manufacturers suggestion from the label on the bottle which says zero calories. So they’re thinking, hey, I’m dieting, I’m
working out, I’m doing my best to go ahead and be healthy and then they lather all of
this fat on their food, not knowing that it’s actually quite unhealthy for them and it could
be very bad for their health unless they actually use the correct portion size which is exactly
what you mentioned, but the manufacturer doesn’t even encourage that. And even when you watch the commercials for
some of these products, you’ll see them spraying it and it is far longer than a half of second
spray. Typically, it does range between the two and
four second mark of them spraying this in the commercials. Now this is something we have seen, not just
with this product, we see it with products across the board. They’ll in the commercial give you way more
than what the actual serving size is ’cause people are more likely to see the commercial
than they are to turn around and look at what the product actually requires. And again, when you’re talking about any kind
of percentage of a whole, in terms of calories or total fat or whatever, if its not equal
to one or more, they are allowed technically to say zero, but by deceiving the consumers
and making them think the entire product does not have that in there, that’s when they run
afoul of that particular law and the way the laws are, depending on the state, here in
the US. And that’s what we’re seeing right now … Exactly. With these lawsuits, right? Exactly, and they don’t even declare that
it’s 40% vegetable oil and so everybody knows that vegetable oil is not calorie free but
they have to bring the flavor from something and so they go ahead and put a lot of vegetable
oil in the spray, which adds the flavor also adds the fat and adds the calories, and those
things should be declared to the consumer so they know what they’re putting in their
bodies. Absolutely. There’s more information available about this
on Top Class Actions dot com. There’s also a link to this story in the description
of this video. Scott Hardy, Top Class Actions, thanks for
talking with us about this today. Thank you Farron.

58 thoughts on ““Zero Calorie” Food Products May Actually Be PACKED With Calories

  1. Calorie Control mentality as a way of losing weight is a terrible and ineffective way to achieve weight-loss.

  2. I'm in love with this butter or lack there of.. But never used their spray! Omgosh this is my favorite butter so is the butter bad too?!?

  3. Only thing has 0 calories is water. Decaf. Sweetener, etc not only has false calories but filled with chemicals which messes up metabolism. Eat healthy food and exercise.

  4. Well, it's not like this would be the first time that a corporation would use false advertising in the name of making more of that money money money.

  5. Same deal with Tic Tacs: No sugar, yet it's almost all sugar. It's just that one "serving" is one tic tac, and because it is therefore less than 1 gramme, they get to declare it is sugar free.

  6. Let me simplify.. our food is basically poison. Designed to trick our brains into believing its good and delicious. You wonder why diabetes, obesity, cancer..immune disorders are out of control. We're rats to cooperations, and we continue to buy their poison.

  7. They are not lying about the serving size. They are set by USDA. Look it up. Read the freakin' label. The government can't help if you're just too lazy. Yes, they are allowed to round down if less than 1/2 calorie per serving size. Read thru the regulations, you can petition them for change. You scream about not wanting the government in your life and then bitch about stuff that is right there in front of your face.

  8. An elected super majority for Trump isn't a surrender to a dictator it's a democratic majority for peace! No more:
    race riots
    MILLIONS in the streets
    statue removals
    nation-wide ANTIFA riots
    school walkouts
    Black Lives Matter
    campus anti-speech riots
    road blockades

  9. Manufacturers can also say that a product contains no sugar or "Sugar Free" if they use artificial sweeteners because technically artificial sweeteners are not sugar.

  10. Margerines are one molicule away from being plastic. Harder for your body to digest. Butter is all natural and digests easily.

  11. Margarine is only one ingredient away from being plastic, how in hell can this be better than 100% real butter. There is also an ingredient in pretty much ALL pre-made breads and buns to make them soft and pliable, now how surprised would you be to know it is what is put in yoga mats. Seriously if you cannot pronounce it don’t put it in your body!

  12. It come down to one thing: You have to actually read the labels – and they don't lie on the labels because that will get them into trouble – and not only believe what they say in the commercials. Everybody knows they lie and exaggerate to sell. And really, who uses cooking spray to "flavour" their food? That's absolutely disgusting.

  13. It's a sad fact that almost all processed foods are unhealthful.  Pesticides, sugar, sugar substitutes which are sometimes worse than sugar, hydrogenation to change consistency and clog your arteries … it goes on and on.  The 2 main problems are: 1. corporations are by law supposed to generate the most profit to the stockholders possible, oftentimes cutting costs on their products with harmful additives, and 2. those who rise to the top management positions in these firms are 4 times as likely as the average individual to be sociopaths, because they are willing to do anything or harm anyone to further their careers.

  14. They should indicate how many teaspoons or parts of teaspoons are in a spray because most people don't use "spray" as a unit of measure, so it makes it almost impossible to determine how many calories you're getting in a spray, which drives me crazy about these spray oils. Like there are 848 servings per can and only 5 or 0 calories per spray 🙄

  15. I agree re the "spray" portion, what a stupid idea. Also spreyable butter :-/ thats a thing?

    In more usual units this is 1.2 kkal for the whole bottle, doesn't seem too bad. 0.012 kkal per 1% of the bottle.

  16. If you are consuming large enough portions of a can of cooking spray for this to actually matter then you have much larger problems than deceptive advertising.

  17. The dye in kool-aid is bad for peoples health and red dye #40 can even cause cancer and red dye is put in a lot of drinks.


  19. Businesses have too much power in america. The government has too much power in america. Individual citizens without money or power are second class citizens in america.

  20. Never use a butter substitute, and avoid hydrogenated oils as much as possible. Stick with good butter/ghee, good olive oil (imported oils are mostly mislabeled garbage; California oils are better), coconut oil, avocado oil, and/or animal fat (leaf lard, tallow, etc.) from a butcher or other reputable source (no Farmer John pre-packaged stuff with chemicals added). And use the right fat/oil for the right job – look up their smoke points and see how much heat they can take. I switch between butter, olive oil, and lard, depending on what/how I'm cooking.

  21. The issue is MURDER and MORALITY. Not calories: I'll tell you what these foods are packed with . . . DAIRY CRUELTY: Calves stolen from bellowing mothers at birth, one day old male calves shot in the head or put in veal crates, mothers artificially inseminated, their bodies tricked into being pregnant all the time to give milk. And its not our milk. It was for the stolen babies. DAIRY abuse is one of the best kept secrets of the dominion of carnism and its violent ideology. Such a waste of vibrant, sentient new life.
    Then when the dairy cow is worn out, its off to brutal slaughter, hung upside down and throat ripped out . . . now thats gratitude. Why not try Ethical Veganism instead, its a shift of consciousness and you'll be surprised how easy it is to let go of the years of brainwashing by the carnist dominion and its paleobarbaric traditions. Its not about "dietary lifestyle choices", 58 BILLION sentient beings murdered each and every year did not get a choice: Once again, its about MURDER AND MORALITY. Not calories.

  22. Not just filled with calories, but also filled with toxic artificial sweeteners, preservatives, dyes, etc.
    Eat whole foods people, not toxic processed crap.

  23. Zero calorie food is stupid anyway. 0 calories mean 0 nourishment, which is what food is supposed to do. What is the point of food that doesn't actually give you any nutrition (and still costs the same amount of money)?

    Diet food is a scam to sell you food that gives less nourishment or even none at all.

  24. So basically, as I understand it:
    if you don't use it, just leave it sitting on the counter and glance at it, then it really is zero calories.
    Even I can understand that.

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