Zero Waste House Tour. Kitchen edition.

Zero Waste House Tour. Kitchen edition.

I know that many are curious to see what a zero waste kitchen looks like. Or with someone like me who tries to minimize my waste as much as possible. Today, I will take you on a tour in my kitchen. I hope you will find it inspirational. I will give you some zero waste hacks to apply in your own kitchen, already today. You will make some small changes that will considerably minimize your waste. This is where we collect recyclables like newspaper and paper packaging. On top of the recycling boxes, I have a basket with towels, wash cloths, napkins and rags. These rags completely eliminate the need for paper towels and paper napkins. Moving on, you can see our reusable water bottles. I always bring my thermo mug to work, drinking coffee on my way there as well as filling it up during the day. This basket contains our cloth napkins. It replaces every need for paper napkins. I throw them in the washing machine a couple of times a week. Here is the bag I throw dirty towels and napkins in before doing the laundry. These bags are for produce and bread and replaces the plastic bag the supermarkets provides you with. I have them in my bag to be prepared while I do my grocery shopping. This is a reusable shopping bag. These are my plastic free cutting boards, made of wood. My cookware are also plastic free. Most of them are made out of wood. This is where I put all the compostable materia, e.g. food waste and hair. Moving on to the bokashi bucket, my indoor compost bin. I clean surfaces with effective microorganism, EM. They are good bacterias that also dissolves grease. This is my brush and home cooked soap that also works great to wash your hands with. The brush made of wood has a compostable and rechargeable head for prolonged use. This rag is made out of linen and bamboo. Here you can see my bottle brush. Both big and small. We use the small bottle brush to clean reusable drinking straws. The presso coffee maker has no need for a disposable filter. It saves me a lot of waste. I use the coffee grounds to feed my plants. Does this spark your curiosity? This is also EM, effective microorganisms. It’s for the bokashi bucket. More about bokashi composting in another video.

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  1. Title in English but the video is not. So frustrating! No subtitles either. Please state on your title that it's in a different language

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