Zumba Christmas Party 2019 I Full Day Of Eating Keto

hey YouTube family so my mother and I we
are about to go to our Zumba Christmas party it’s gonna be at the Mexican
restaurant mom my phone isn’t on you know I got that thing on the back of my
phone so would you like to say hello but yeah y’all we are about to go to Zumba
class I have the law what is it pocket thing
on the back of my phone so I got to figure out how I can still have that on
my phone and still have my little phone on my window mounting situation whatever
going on wow I’ve been watching a little bit too much ambulant
read apparently right now so um yeah so we’re about to go to El Toro
so yeah let’s go so we’re walking into a bath and Bodyworks and I’m gonna get a
gift for the secret Center that we have going on just occasional wanted to see
what I’m wearing this is your girl not gonna have any I don’t think so yeah hey also I have shrimp steak that is
medium well one avocado or not one avocado but some avocado I sprinkle
spray and I have co0 or what’s left of it so you guys want to know what I do for
fun collect change almost have a thousand teeny little is it yeah we have
some keto pancakes with sugar-free syrup two sausage patties two bull a with salt
and pepper one whole avocado with some pink Himalayan sea salt and to drink I’m
gonna have some Coke Zero and water hey you two family so this is the editing
version of myself coming in so y’all I really and truly enjoy that Christmas
party we were talking about like doing something like every month or like
quarterly or something you know outside of Zumba what that feel that like would
be really great because y’all know I’m like an introvert so me even going into
the party was like a lot for me but I overall like I really enjoyed it it was
so much fun see I let me tell y’all real quickly
this has nothing to do with what we’re talking about but I was just like
discussing with my mom like you know what I feel like I’m kind of to the
point finally um that I really just don’t want to wear my glasses
I’m just really and truly honestly over the whole little glasses situation
hashtag Everland read what is going on with me right now okay
thrilled Oh y’all I just I’ve like worn glasses for a long time like a long long
long long long a long time so I really want to start like you know wearing
contacts touching my eye that’s like a big deal to me like that’s why I have
never gotten cut taxes because I’m scared of touching my like when you know
like when I eyelash falls in your eyes y’all are you ready to have a heart
attack then but you know you guys it’s time for me to stop acting like a little
baby and you know transition slowly you know and to possibly wearing contacts I
mean it’s not gonna be happening tomorrow probably one happen next month
either okay but my goal for 2020 is to get out of my glasses I mean I did share
with y’all my goal for 2020 but I should have added that in
there too because that was something big for me and I just forgot about that one
and then maybe y’all I start wearing like makeup and all that stuff cuz when
it comes to like makeup like I used to like try to do makeup emphasis on try
and like I think I did pretty good now like I could do okay makeup yeah okay
but um like with my glasses on ah in my opinion I feel like it doesn’t even
matter even though I mean some people who wear glasses wear makeup and all
this stuff I just feel like it’s no point in me doing other stuff in my eyes
because I have these big bifocals on cuz your girl is blind it’s gonna be like
I’m really blind yo kid you die but um you know I feel like I have nice skin I
do like my skin but I would like to dabble in makeup as well a little bit
this year and learn some stuff you know about be fine finally time for me to do
that but you guys if by any chance you did miss my previous video it is and eat
with me and I talk about my goals for 2020 it’s like a keto mukbang as well so
yeah I would love y’all to watch that video after this video if you haven’t
watched it you know that’d be nice but anything my love so if by any chance you
are new to the channel welcome to the fam moving here documented my keto
weight loss journey and your girl is sharing everything we are combining
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amazing beautiful unique YouTube family thank you so much for watching this
video as always if you don’t hear it from anyone else I love you so stay
blessed and I will see you in the next video which will be Wednesday so I hope
you guys are having a wonderful start to this week happy Monday and yeah I’ll see
y’all on Wednesday I love you so much!!! BYEEEEE 🙂

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